Royal Mail Mailmark FAQ’s

View our Mailmark FAQ page here if you have any questions about the new Mailmark service. See if we can answer any questions you may have regarding Mailmark. If we don’t answer your question, ask us a question on our Contact page. As Mailmark is in full swing now, you may have some questions you need answering. View our list of Mailmark FAQ’s below.

What is Mailmark?

Mailmark offers businesses an alternative way to frank mail. It is a Royal Mail service of which Royal Mail have invested heavily in. Mailmark is now available to all businesses in the UK via a Mailmark Compatible Franking Machine. You will gain many extra Mailmark benefits with the new service. Mailmark franking machines will allow you to frank the new 2D barcode onto your mail as well.

How do I use Mailmark?

You can get a Mailmark Franking Machine Quote from us on this page. Once filled in, we will tell you whether you are Mailmark ready or not. If your not, we will support you with how to proceed.

How much has the Royal Mail invested in Mailmark?

The Royal mail have invested heavily in the new Mailmark technology. They have invested about £70 million in total.

Are there any Mailmark Benefits? If yes, what are they?

With the new Mailmark service, your business will gain access to many Mailmark Benefits. Some include: low mailmark prices, enhanced reporting and a more professional image. View even more Mailmark Benefits here.

Is my Franking Machine Mailmark Compliant?

Visit our Mailmark Franking Machines page here to see if your current franking machine is compliant with Mailmark or not. We have created a page so that you can view all of the Mailmark Compatible Franking Machines currently on the market. You can also browse for a Mailmark Franking Machine here.

How do I get a Mailmark franking machine?

Browse through the range of Mailmark complaint franking machines on our site and get a Mailmark Quote for that machine. It is simple to get a Mailmark Franking Machine.

Is getting a franking machine right for me?

Franking machines can be great for any sized business. Franking machines help cut your mail costs when sending mail. Franking machines help speed up the mailing process. Every franked item of mail will save you money over using traditional stamp. They also help increase the output quality of your business. Learn more about franking machines here.