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This web site is here to simplify any information surrounding the BRAND NEW Royal Mail Mailmark™ service. In particular, Mailmark for Franking Machine Users.

The Royal Mail have announced that the new Mailmark (formerly known as EIB) can be accessed via any Mailmark™ Compatible Franking Machine. Access to Royal Mail Mailmark™ has been available since April 2014 within some compatible models. Later in the year, other manufacturers are expected to develop their franking equipment to be compatible with this brand new Mailmark™ service.

Mailmark Franking Machines

View the most current range of Mailmark Franking machines. See if your current franking machine is Mailmark compliant today or get a quick franking machine quote!

Mailmark Prices

One of the Mailmark benefits is the lower franking prices that you will receive. View the latest Mailmark prices & compare them to the stamp and frank prices for 2022. Save money with Mailmark!

Mailmark Benefits

Mailmark brings any business multiple new Mailmark benefits, previously not gained with a Non-Mailmark franking machine. View the numerous benefits that can be gained!

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Mailmark Franking

Mailmark franking is a brand new initiative from Royal Mail. Find out exactly what it is here and see if your business can qualify for it.

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The Mailmark Franking Machine Guide are part of the independent Franking Machine Supplier and Maintainer Mailcoms, the UK’s ‘Most Loved’ Franking Machine Company. Mailcoms are a Royal Mail Authorised Franking Machine Maintainer and Inspector, and we are brought to your by them.

This web site is to simplify the Information surrounding Royal Mail Mailmark™ in particular Mailmark for Franking Machine Users. We are an initiative website who are here to inform you about the brand new Mailmark 2014 service as released by Royal Mail during 2014.



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Do you want access to the Mailmark™ Service?

After viewing our website you may want to become Mailmark compliant. View the details below to find out how to gain exclusive access to the Mailmark™ Service.

Mailbase Speed Franking Machine

Replacing your current Franking Machine!

If you are looking for a replacement franking machine to your current one, then contact us or Mailcoms on 01543 572 776. If you would like a quick and free Mailmark Quote, simply fill in our online form above.

Both Mailmark-Franking-Machine-Guide & Mailcoms can offer some of the best and most reliable Mailmark compliant franking machines available, without the added 'pressure' of sales tactics.

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IS240 Franking Machine

Updating / Upgrading your franking Machine!

Some Franking Machines are already Mailmark Compliant. Some franking machines can be easily updated to cope with the new Mailmark service. Many Mailcoms, Pitney Bowes, Neopost, Frama and FP Mailing / Francotyp Postalia franking machines can be updated to become Mailmark compliant.

Find out if your current franking machine can be updated / upgraded to allow it to process Mailmark™ today.

Mailmark Franking Machines

Mailbase Franking Machine

Which Mailmark compatible Machine?

The Mailbase Franking Machine

The Mailbase Mailmark Compliant Franking Machine. This is the perfect low volume franking machine. Coming with low running franking costs and incredible franking features. Mailmark Compliant & Smart Meter Enabled. Frank up to 30 letters per minute. Recommended for 50 items of mail daily.

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Unfortunately, whenever the Royal Mail make the slightest change to their systems, many franking machine companies or lone sales people can take advantage and use the confusion to lead customers in to believing they have to change their franking machine when in actual fact they don't. Mailmark™ does not mean your machine is obsolete and is only an additional method of getting your mail through the Royal Mail Network. IT IS NOT a replacement to the current 'Value franked impression.

Worse still, we've already seen a number of customers receive aggressive marketing communications who already have a 'Mailmark™' compatible franking machine, and they are so confused they're unsure as to whether this new additional service affects them.

Hopefully the Mailmark Franking Machine Guide can help settle any confision you may have regarding the new Mailmark Service. If you're unsure please call us on 01543 572 776 or email us on: info(at)mailcoms.co.uk