Royal Mail Mailmark Franking Machines

There are currently only a few franking machines that actually are Mailmark compliant. Here at the Mailmark Franking Machine guide, we are aware of many of the most current Compatible Mailmark Franking Machines are they can be seen below. You will be able to see a list of the most current franking machine manufacturers and suppliers whose machines are currently Mailmark compliant. Mailmark can either come Mailmark ready or from an update on the machine.

View all of the most recent Royal Mail Mailmark™ Franking Machines below. Click on a supplier or manufacturer to find out more about the Mailmark franking machines.

NOTE: This information is as we understand and it may change, its not definitive so it may still be worth checking with your franking machine supplier)

Mailcoms Mailmark Franking Machines:

  • Mailstart Plus
  • Mailbase Lite
  • Mailbase
  • Maibase Pro
  • Mailbase Plus
  • Mailbase Speed
  • Send Pro P1000
  • Send Pro P1500
  • Send Pro P2000

Pitney Bowes Mailmark Franking Machines:

  • DM60
  • DM110i
  • DM160i
  • DM220i
  • DM300M
  • DM400M
  • SendPro P1000
  • SendPro P1500
  • SendPro P2000
  • SendPro P3000

Neopost Mailmark Franking Machines:

  • IS-280c
  • IN-360
  • IN-600
  • IN-700
  • IS-6000c

Frama Mailmark Franking Machines:

  • Matrix F12
  • Matrix F22
  • Matrix F32
  • Matrix F42
  • Matrix F62
  • Matrix F82

FP Mailing Mailmark Franking Machines:

  • Postbase Mini
  • Postbase Qi3
  • Postbase Qi4
  • Postbase Qi6
  • Postbase Qi9
  • Postbase Ten
  • Postbase One
  • Qi 1500
  • Qi 3000