Mailmark Benefits

The Mailmark benefits and extras that you will gain with Mailmark will all be very beneficial to both you and the Royal Mail. In order to benefit from the Mailmark service you will require a Mailmark Franking Machine. Once you have a compliant Mailmark model, you can use the BRAND NEW 2D barcode. This will give you access to all of the Mailmark benefits and extras. View the Mailmark Benefits below.

Lower Mailmark Prices

A price difference to receive the maximum in postal discounts when using a franking machine to access Mailmark™.

New Business Reply

Use the new business reply that you can frank onto your mail. Enhance your responses and help increase revenue.

Enhanced Data Reports

Use Mailcoms Online Mail Reports, providing you with real time usage information to make instant business critical changes.

No More Analogue Lines Required

No need to use your fax line or phone line anymore. Mailmark™ compatible franking machines will now be connected via your local area network (LAN) making it easier and faster for you.

Improved Professional Image

With Royal Mail Mailmark™ and a Mailmark™ compatible Franking Machine you will also benefit from presenting the most professional image on your mail and you can still add your own company logo and external return address.

Instant Price Change Updates

Instant Auto Royal Mail postal price change software update that will automatically apply on the day of the rate change which will avoid any surcharges or upset customers.

Mailmark Extras – New Mailmark 2D Barcode

Mailmark Benefits

The new Mailmark service will allow your franking machine to frank a brand new 2D barcode. This barcode is how you gain access to all of the Mailmark benefits stated above. If you would like to hear from the Royal Mail about the new Mailmark service click here. For some advice from a Royal Mail Authorised Franking Machine Inspector & Maintainer, click here.