Information on the Qi3000 Mailmark Franking Machine!

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The Qi3000 Mailmark franking machine allows businesses to use a secure LAN connection and receive faster download speeds. LAN connection can benefit your business during franking as less time will be spend updating software and installing postal tariffs. This heavy duty machine is one of the fastest models on the market and is capable of franking up to 260 letters per minute. Based on our own experience with a model of this size we would recommend that you should frank up to 1000 mail items or more on a daily basis. This is FP Mailing's fastest and most advanced machine available.

Mailmark Compliant

The FP Mailing Qi3000 comes with Mailmark as standard. This means users can benefit from using lower postage rates and franking a new 2D barcode onto their mail!

Smart Meter Compliant

The Qi3000 also comes with Smart Meter as standard. This means users can benefit from using all VAT applicable services and products whilst franking in smart blue ink.

Automatic Feeding

A automatic feeder is used when franking mail with the Qi3000 Mailmark franking machine. This means a top speed of 260 letters per minute. Frank on any mail item up to 20mm thick.

PIN Security

Secure your franking machine by taking advantage of PIN code security. Four digit security can be used so you can be in control of your FP Mailing Qi3000 Mailmark franking machine.

Departmental Accounts

Ensure you are in complete control of your postage expenses with the FP Mailing Qi3000 by using its departmental accounts feature. Various accounts can be used on this heavy duty franking machine.

LAN Connectivity

Drop the analogue line for good with the Qi3000 Mailmark franking machine and connect to a more secure LAN network. Receive faster download speeds and always be connected to the internet.

About this Heavy Duty Franking Machine

As well as being a Mailmark ready machine the Qi3000 franking machine is smart meter enabled. Whilst franking in smart blue franking ink you can access all of Royal Mail’s VAT services and products and get the most out of this machine. The FP Mailing Qi 3000 Mailmark franking machine will eliminate the chance of over or under payment for a mail item and eliminate the need to pre-sort your mail. Use an integrated weighing scale and the mixed mail feeding feature to gain access to these benefits.

Qi3000 Mailmark Franking Machine

Qi3000 Franking Machine Specifications & Options

Below you will be able to find all the specifications and options of the FP Mailing Qi3000.

Qi3000 Specifications

View the FP Mailing Qi3000 specifications below.

  • Mailmark Ready for further postage discounts
  • Frank up to 260 letters per minute
  • Ideal for franking over 1000 items per day
  • Automatic Envelope Feeding
  • Smart Meter Ready for further franking benefits
  • Latest UK (Including ‘Special Delivery’ and ‘Signed For’ recorded) and overseas postage rates installed
  • Maximum envelope thickness of 20mm
  • Colour Touch Screen
  • 15 Job Memories
  • Label Dispenser
  • 8 Advertisements
  • Mail Class Printing
  • Incoming Date Stamp
  • Adjustable Sealer Water Flow

Qi3000 Options & Extras

View the FP Mailing Qi3000 options and extras below.

  • Alternative franking speed of 140 letters per minute
  • Various Integrated weighting platform options
  • Various departmental accounts options available
  • PIN number security
  • Envelope Text Message Entry
  • Automatically records and reports VAT Applicable services
  • Network or Telephone Re-crediting / Updating
  • Connect to a analogue line, LAN Network or WiFi
  • Dynamic Scale
  • Barcode Scanner
  • USB Storage

Further Information About the FP Mailing Qi3000

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